Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Mom, What Is 69?

This post was originally written and posted on March 8, 2011.

It's a pretty calm evening.

At least in my world.  I'm pretty good at ignoring the screaming girls running around.

 A friend is over which only seems to amplify things.

But I'm in my happy zone. I'm in the kitchen baking cupcakes for a baby shower. I scored on some things at Orson Gygi today, and I'm mulling over in my mind how to tackle the current cake project, while taking note of two more that are coming up next week. After a day of number crunching, my creativity gets to start flowing.

It feels good.

Brynn is sitting on a bar stool on the other side of the counter, watching me.

"Mom, what does 69 mean?"

I pause.  There was no warning to prepare me for this question.  No indication that it was going to come.  In a flash second the question is hanging there in the air of the kitchen, with the smell of baking cupcakes.  I take note of the rule that I promised myself I would always follow:

If they're old enough to ask, they're old enough to know.

 But I also like to stick with the rule to keep the information age appropriate.

 I don't know enough about where she's coming from with this to know how I should proceed so I ask, "what do you mean? Where did you hear it?"  I desperately need more information as to where this question has come from.

"When we read that Cleopatra was born in 69."

A flood of relief.  I tell you, an absolute broken dam of relief that I had decided to ask a little more.

Brynn has just done a book report on Cleopatra and we found out that she was born in 69 B.C.
I think I'd much rather explain the terms of  B.C. and A.D. to my child than... well, let's not talk about the alternative.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Carving Pumpkins.

This post was originally written and posted on October 7, 2008.

I was a little nervous for Saturday.

West was holding a birthday dinner with pumpkin carving for his mom. The only other time that I had met his mom the evening ended with her leaving in a huff. Nothing of my doing, but still, I was a little nervous to face another gathering with her.

I worried for nothing though, it was actually a great evening.

West made dinner and we carved pumpkins in the garage because of our numbers being too big (his sister and Aunt and Uncle and neighbors were there also) for his kitchen and the rain prevented us from going outside.

West even turned on his fog machine.

Jayme's pumpkin: She had to be different and get a white one.

Sean's pumpkin:

Cali's pumpkin: Which for those of you who have ever had a three year old know that means this pumpkin was actually mine.

Casidee's pumpkin.

West's pumpkin:

Which looks a lot like he does when the camera comes out.

See what I mean?

Brynn's pumpkin:

Tayler's pumpkin, which looks really cool all lit up with no mouth.

Holy moly, that's a lot of pumpkins.  I think it's safe to say that our porches will be safe from the spooks this Halloween.

It's Not Onions, It's Salsa.

This post was originally written and posted on May 26, 2011.

Last night's dinner was a Taco Bake Casserole.

But Cali (age 6) took one look at it and declared, "Mom! Why did you put onions in this?"

At first I was confused because I hadn't, but then I realized... "I didn't. I put salsa in it."

A look of relief washes over her face, "Oh! Okay."

 She loved it.

I don't think I'll break down the ingredients of salsa for her quite yet.

{pic source}

We Love To See The Temple: Bountiful.

This post was originally written and posted on June 3, 2009.

We're starting a new thing for Family Home Evening.


Temples have been circling themselves around a lot in my life lately: in Sunday School and Relief Society, testimony meetings.

Even my home teachers just recently did a lesson on them in our home.

 I decided, with the girls, that we're going to visit every Utah temple. (Although in all honesty I'm still very undecided as to what I'm going to do about the Vernal Temple...).

We started with the closest, the Bountiful Temple. We walked and talked and I took every picture I was told to.

I'm going to frame some of them from each temple and hang them in their rooms.  Hopefully it will be a reminder of how the temple has been a place for them to visit since they were young, a place that will always be there for them.

Halloween Is Here.

Every year Murray Park puts on a Halloween event that they like to call, "Murray Park's Haunted Forest."

The cost was a whopping $3 per person and that included not only entrance to their little piece of "family friendly" haunted forest, but a donut and a non-watered down hot chocolate as well.

The atmosphere was exactly what it should be mid-October, pre-Halloween.  The evening temps were hovering in the mid-60's.  The sun had just dipped below the mountain and the stars were out in the clear sky as we settled into the shadows of the night.  The trees sported what was left of their yellow leaves, the ground littered with its share of them as well.

Our feet crunched as we walked across the parking lot.

Cali, being the youngest, was excited for any excuse to wear a Halloween costume and had adorned herself with a ripped and bloodied Cinderella dress over her leggings and flip flops.

We stood in line where the kids rambunctiously annoyed and teased each other about the noises playing across the air from inside the trees of which our line slowly snaked toward.

I watched as miniature witches, zombies, and mummies ran amuck on a hill to my right.  An ebola doctor, complete with facemask, ran back and forth along the line to my left.  A tiny little girl did row after row of back hand springs in her sparkling orange skinny jeans on the lawn just beyond the ebola doctor.

Casidee worked out the finer points of her Halloween night costume, perhaps a gray dress and grayed out face?  Why not add black drips coming down from your eyes, I suggested.  West proceeded to plan how to scare all the kids out of our yard.  I think we'll just serve hot chocolate over a fire pit in a witch cauldron, I said.  I want it to be fun and magical, not scary.

Cali and Tayler, my more timid and sensitive of The Circus, began to feel nervous as we drew near the entrance of the forest, and the noises playing over a stereo system became louder.

Just look for how they do it.  Look at the costumes.  Look at the machines.  Think about how we could do it ourselves in the same way at our house.

Murray Park did it well.  The actors inside the 5 minute (if that) forest walk seemed to be aware of who was there; pressing in on the older kids to have some fun, standing back on the younger ones to let them take it all in.

Cali and Tayler began to realize it was just masks and props and started having fun with it.

I may or may not have shimmied out quickly at the end as the scarecrow turned and shuffled after me, dragging one leg behind him as he came.

The nervousness and intimidation was gone and giggles filled my family.

That was fun, Cali and Tayler declared.

The rest chimed in, laughing at the actors and the sudden moments that had caught them by surprise and startled them.

And my heart smiled.

Halloween is here.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Christmas Giveaway: $500 In Paypal Cash Or An Amazon Gift Card.

I have a few exciting posts coming up this week, first and foremost of which is an exciting announcement about a giveaway!

Yes, you read that right, I'm teaming up with nine other fabulous blogs to bring you a giveaway of $500 cold hard cash.

Well, cold hard cash in the form of paypal money or an amazon gift card, but let's get serious here, it's still money you can spend anywhere you want and with the looming holiday season, who doesn't want an extra $500?

Can you say only 72 days until Christmas?

I know, I panicked just typing that.

So let's tell the blogs who are behind this thank you,

And get ready to enter.  The rafflecopter will open today, Monday October 13th at midnight and will end at 11:59 pm on Sunday, October 19th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Being a solid Halloween fan, you'll have to forgive me for the next sentence.

Happy Holiday's y'all.

Let's make it a happy one.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Thankful. Faithful.

To, not only the guys in Beyond 5, but the entire team who are behind them as well:

Thank you.

I'm coming to you, right now, not as a fan, though I certainly am, and not even as a blogger, though I am that as well, but as a mom. 

I find myself in the situation where I'm the only parent my daughters have who is living the gospel.  Sometimes, when I sit back and think about that, the weight of it panics me a little bit. I know that no other parental figure in their life is teaching them the peace of the gospel.  Not by word, and not by example.

I'm it.

I'm far from perfect as a parent in general, and I know where my short-comings lie.  I think that's where my panic stems from.  With all my flaws as a parent, and let's face it, as a person in general, how can my voice alone be enough to counter all the other parental voices guiding them in their lives?

So I want to thank you.  I want to thank you for making the gospel cool in their eyes.  I want to thank you for your solid examples in the public eye, and for your kind words in private.  I want to thank you for putting music out that doesn't make me cringe, knowing my daughters are listening to it.  

And I want to thank you for your Faithful album.

The Faithful album that has been downloaded onto every single iPod in our house.  The Faithful album that is being hummed while hair is being brushed, and dishes are being washed.  The Faithful album that is pouring out of headphones and speakers at every turn I make in my home, and even in my car.  

I want to thank you for filling my daughters' lives with the spirit.

And for reaffirming that spirituality is fun, and very cool.

Because it is.

And they're getting it.

And I even want to thank you for giving me a little bit of that credit in their eyes.  The mom who first introduced them to their favorite band.  The mom who endorses such music.  The mom who gets how cool it is that these boys are putting this, this, music out.

Where ever else your lives take you, please know that you have left a solid impression on more people than you will ever know.  You once told me, in a sense, that you wanted to leave the world better than when you found it by the music you put out.

I'm here to tell you that you have done exactly that.

 And as a mom, I thank you for it.


This is not a sponsored post, but one that I genuinely feel.

If you'd like to find out more about Beyond 5's Faithful album you can find it 
HERE on Amazon 
HERE on Your LDS Music Store

It will be released tomorrow, October 10th, but you can pre-order it now if you want to.

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